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Is my dog telling me everything ?

October 25, 2017 at 3:19 pm

I took my dog to the Toronto Humane Society for her vaccine. Everything went fine and these guys are really kind. You just book an appointment and you will be welcomed as it should be. You will same money too since they are not like my veterinary always wanting to sell me stuff I don’t need. 

But I can’t have my “Loulou” spayed because she is less than 3 kg. This is the Humane Society requirement to spay/neuter a dog. She is a tiny Yorkshire that weights only 2kg, hair, mud and flea included. For that I called the Toronto Animal Services. They even have a mobile clinic so you can reach them easily. 

They asked for my PR, my tax record and any veterinary records for Loulou. Well, great news, I have all this. But for my dog records they asked me to make the Humane Society send them Loulou’s file. I wondered why but did not give it a taught after 5 minutes. I told myself there is certainly some more information they need or they want it written in veterinary jargon or something like that. 

Sine I am not very phone friendly. I went to the Humane Society. I saw this very kind girl and told her my story. She was helpful. By the way I gave her my email so she can send me the records. I thought if I need them another time I will not bother them anymore. And guess what. She did not send me the records. She just sent me an email telling me she sent the record to the Toronto Animal Services. Really? What about me? Why? 

My dog won’t share her worries with me ?

So, let’s analyze this: 

  1. The Humane society are good guys 
  1. The Toronto Animal Services requested the records to be sent to them directly from the Humane Society 
  1. I don’t have access to these records. 

Maybe the reason they don’t want me to have the record is that my dog told them to respect her privacy.  The only thing I can think about is her right to secrecy concerning her medical information. Does she have a condition that she won’t share her worries about it with me? is she happy with me? Am I a good dog owner? What about my kids? Am I a good father? And my wife ? Am I a good husband? Am I a good son?  

OK, this escalated quickly. But Humane Society could just send me my dog records.