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I don’t smoke but I will stop smoking anyway

October 20, 2017 at 2:33 pm
I don't smoke but I will stop smoking anyway

Smoking a cigarette once or twice a week is not smoking. It is recreational smoking. A smoker has a need for nicotine. He has to take it through cigarettes or while inhaling hookah, vaping, or with any other ingenious mean humans are so good at inventing when it comes to addiction. It is like he has to finish a cigarette pack each one or two days. If he can’t get anything done without a cigarette then he is a heavy smoker.

Don’t go looking in your medical manual or anywhere else. I am making this up. I don’t have any medical experience or degree or what so ever. Actually, I just was a heavy smoker long time ago. My 2 daily packs of bad cheap Tunisian cigarettes. I smoked for some 15 years, which qualifies me to speak about this matter.

So what? What are we talking about here? Rocket science? No, it’s just about smoking. So, anyone can say any ideas they have in mind. This is not the “American Journal for Smoke Studies”. Let’s focus here.

So, based on the standards I established above, I stopped smoking cigarettes since 2000. But I kept the habit of having a cigarette with a friend or after a great meal. It’s more like social smoking than real smoking. A cigarette pack can keep me company for months at this span.

It was fine until I came to Canada. MAN, I know that smoking is bad for health but I never knew that Canada hated it this much. It’s not just forbidden in some places and you have to respect others and all the stuff. Its real deep kind of hatred. You just can’t have a cigarette with a drink in all north America. You have to go to Tunisia for that!

Well why isn’t there some place where a smoker can have a drink while smoke-socializing with others? No way. The waiter may not be a smoker and he will inhale smoke. It’s passive smoking. And it’s not tolerated too. Well what about hiring only smoker as waiters in these particular smoke-drinking areas. No way this is workplace discrimination. You just can’t do it. Guys! Go to Tunisia guys if you want a smoke! End of story.

Back to my twice-a-week cigarette, after 3 months in Canada, my pack of cigarettes that I had bought in Dubai in May 2017 (for 10 AED, some 3 CAD) was over! That’s life. Everything will end but human stupidity.

To continue smoke-socializing – with myself mostly – I went to renew the stocks. And guess what. The cigarette pack here in Toronto, Canadian dollars, 2017 prices, taxes included is $14.

Yes Sir, 14 CAD!!! It’s about 23 Tunisian dinars or 40 Emirati dirhams. Guys, this is a lot of money in Tunisia and even in Emirates. It’s a lot of money in Toronto too. I bet it is in Vancouver, in Quebec city and at Iqaluit in the Nunavut.

$14 daily can buy you a car

$14 daily is 420 monthly and 5040 yearly. For $5000, you can buy a car, guys! Check on where you can buy a car in Canada for $3000, and another one in Tunisia for 4000 TND, or in The Emirates for 6000 AED with rest of the money. You can take your mistress for 2 weeks in Cuba while your wife enjoys 2 weeks with her mother … I guess you get the idea; $5000 is plenty of money.

So, my October 2017 resolution is to stop smoking. I am not giving it up because of the $14, but I just hate the idea that I might be taken for someone who would spend $5000 a year on cigarettes. Someone can see me smoking my weekly cigarette and may think I am a smoker. Someone who knows a recruiter or a future boss or some HR admin, and after doing math, he/she would come to the same conclusion: Smoker are wealthy arrogant species. They must be wealthy because they can afford it. Not everyone has $5000. And they must be arrogant because they are showing everybody that they are literally throwing $5000 in the air. Hense, the hatred Canadian have for smokers can be understood and justified.

I will stop smoking but after I finish the pack I already bought. Guys, $14 is $14 right. Or may I say $5000 is $5000.